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A conference of Society of Vincent De Paul is functioning in our Parish since
2006. The conference is doing charitable service to the needy irrespective of
caste or religion on an ongoing basis.
At present, the conference has eleven adopted families and four adopted
individuals. The activities of the Society include provision of food, medicines,
provision of financial aid for conducting marriages, repairs to house etc.
The Conference is working under the Palarivattom Area Council. It has eleven
active members and fifty four donor members.
The Womens' Welfare Association of the Parish is a very active group,
rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the
people of God.
Through various initiatives like special speakers, attending workshops,
meetings, holding fund raising events, parish spiritual retreats, community
events, they strive to meet the objects of the group which are:
- to unite woman members of our Parish;
- to achieve individual and collective spiritual development;
- to promote the teachings of the Catholic Church;
- to exemplify the Christian ideal in home and family life;
- to enhance the role of women in Church and society;
- to recognize the human dignity of all people everywhere;
- to uphold and defend Christian education and values in the modern world;
All Kerala Catholic Congress was established in the parish on 12th June,
2012. It is a unit of the Archdiocesan parent organisation. It is an organisation
focussing on the needs of catholics in relation to the government and some
of the social concerns. It is getting involved in the parish activities and
supports the initiatives of the dicoese at the AKCC level. There are 35
members in the organisation at the moment.
“Don't let any one look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”
1 Timothy 4:12
We have a very vibrant youth ministry in the church which focuses
on the the spiritual and psychological growth of the young men and
women of the syro-malabar community.
The group conducts youth meeting on 2nd Sunday of every month
after the 10'o clock mass, under the guidance of Rev. Vicar Fr. Jose
Thottakara, Fr. Shinto, Bro. Ligin, Bro. Nithin and Sr. Roja to
disucss activities and schedule future programmes.
This youth fellowship is designed to provide a wholesome Christian
atmosphere to enrich the youth life through fun, praise and worship.
It provides a platform for the youth members to make friends and
work together as a team to plan and carry out our mission’s goals
and make a difference in others life through outreach projects. It
provides support to grow in catholic faith and understand the history,
tradition, culture and values on which our foundation was built on.

Vice President


Joint Secretray


Parish Council Member
We look forward to your joining us.
For more details, please contact our secretary.
:  Evin Valsan

:  Shannon Benny

:  Immanual Manu Thomas

:  Fenta Francis

:  Jobin chacko

:  Vipin Thomas
This group aims at facilitating personal prayer through group gatherings. Members of the Parish and other lay people come together to
praise and worship the Lord once in a wekk. Members engage in prayer, song, reading the Sacred Scripture and in organizing spiritual
Members also share their experiences about their prayer life built on personal prayer, daily scripture reading, meditation and
There are three prayer groups meeting at different timing on Wednesdays.
1. Parish Members : This group meets from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM on Wednesdays in the Church.
2. Jesus Youth : This group comprises of young employees from Infopark and the neighbourhood. They meet from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
every Wednesday in the Church.
3. Employees from Kakkanad: This group meets from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM every Wednesday in the Church.
On Saturdays from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM there is an intercessory prayer group meeting under the leadership of Dr. Appu Cyriac.
The Altar Servers are part of an extremely important ministry at our Parish
because Altar Servers assist the priest in setting the tone of the Mass and in
leading the congregation in worship. Altar Servers do this by their own
personal commitment to the Parish, by their reverent behaviour in the
sanctuary (the area surrounding the Altar), and by the respectful and
competent execution of their duties.
Once fully trained, Altar Servers are placed on a schedule and every effort is
made to ensure that all those who participate in the ministry get equal
opportunity to serve at the Mass of their choosing. It is very important to the
well-being of the ministry that Altar Servers honour their commitment by
showing up for their scheduled times to serve.
If interested in becoming an Altar Server, please contact the parish office.
Opening Songs
Althara Orungi Agatharoruki
Altharayil Poojya Balivasthuvayidum
Baliyarppikkan Varuvin
Oru Nimisham Manamuyartham
Sneharppanam Aathmarppanam
Swargeeya Vathil Thurannu
Holy Communion Songs
Aaradhanayude Nimisham
Aaradhanakkettam Yogyanayavane
Divya Karunyame Ente Ponnesu Nadha
Divya Karunyame Divya Karunyame
Swargeeya Vaathil
Closing Songs
Amalolbhave Nadhe
Ella Snehathinum
Nanma Nerum Amma
Nithya Sahaya Nadhe
Nitya Vishudhayam Kanya Mariyame
Neeyariyathe Nin Nizhalayi Arukil Varum
Holy Mass Songs
We are gathering
Lord accept this bread and wine
Osaana - osaana - osaana
Lord I left your name
Come Lord Jesus come
As I kneel before you



  Jaimon V P
  Nithin Joseph 
  Jomon George
  Rev. Sr. Jain Mary MSJ
  Remya Somichan
Choir is one of the most integral part of our liturgy and the parish community. The
service of our choir is inspirational and a blessing for our worship services. The choir
actively participates in all the worship services and special services. The Sunday
choir is such that the child singers are also encouraged and equally participated
along with the adults. Singing and praying together not only helps the members of
the church to feel unified, but also to feel spiritually closer to God.
Smashup indoor badminton court under the guidance St. Francis Assisi Church, Kakkanad was
inaugurated on Sep 2014 by Rev. Fr. Jose Thottakara and first touch was done by Fr. Joseph
Inter family unit tournaments are conducted yearly as part of the church anniversary celebrations.
Intra-club tournaments are also conducted periodically.
Church members can avail the court facility in the morning and evening sessions as per their
      6:00 AM - 9:00 AM
      6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
     9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Admission Fee : Rs. 5000/- (Adults)
                       : Rs. 3000/- (Below 18 Yrs)

Monthly Fee     : Rs.250/-

Temporary Membership : Rs.500/- Monthly (including shuttle)
President : Fr. Jose Thottakara

Vice President : Brinner Manavalan

Secretary : Thomas Thachil

Treasurer : James Alby

Ex-Officio Members : Trustees
   Executive Members
        -  Thomas Kuncheria
        -  Jomon Prarakkal
        -  Jenson Karuvelli
        -  Linesh Thomas

   Senior Coach & Advisor
        Jose Puthanpurakkal
Phone: 0484 - 2422619,   Mobile: +91 9947246688
St. Francis Assisi Church, Kakkanad

(Archdiocese of Ernakulam - Angamaly)